Engineering Services


Prabhat Elastomer Engineering Services

Prabhat is a global solutions provider for rubber product engineering and formulation services to a diverse spectrum of industries. We are among the top ranked suppliers of rubber gaskets and sealing solutions in the United States for the waterworks industry.  Our discipline-based range of engineering services covers product design from conceptual studies to aftermarket support.  Our talented workforce possesses a unique variety of technical expertise that sets us apart from our competition.

Technical excellence provided on schedule and within budget and un-matched customer service is the essence of our reputation and the reason why so many companies choose Prabhat as their preferred long-term rubber component partner.  Our ISO 9001 certified company focuses on sound project management and internal reviews by our product experts.  We can combine our expertise and processes with global low-cost engineering options to provide high quality work at an excellent price.  Prabhat Engineering is well equipped to serve your most challenging rubber engineering needs.

Prabhat Quality from Start to Finish

Prabhat’s engineering services focuses on understanding our customer’s rubber technology requirements.  Our team will evaluate the most effective technology to integrate into the product.  Whether designing a new product or improving an existing technology, Prabhat will efficiently deliver a solution to any customer’s needs. Learn more about our Design Services.

Rubber Formulation and Compounding

Over twenty years of elastomer formulation experience ensures that each product from Prabhat will be of the highest quality for any application. Prabhat’s compounding capabilities extend through natural rubber and into all of the synthetic elastomers; including SBR, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, BUNA-N, Silicone, Butyl, Halo butyl, VITON®, and Hypalon®. Our team can develop any elastomer compound needed for any application. Learn more about Prabhat Compounding.

Production Process

Prabhat’s injection, compression, extrusion, and transfer molding capabilities allows for a variety of manufacturing selections. Prabhat utilizes the latest technologies to enhance efficiency and produce consistent quality products. Along with our top notch molding, Prabhat also specializes in bonding elastomers to a variety of other materials, including but not limited to: metal, plastic, composite material, fabrics, and fibers. Learn more about our Production Process.

Environmental Commitment

Prabhat Group stands to maintain an Eco-Friendly process and is fully committed to producing products with the highest levels of environmentally friendly compounds.