Production Process

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Prabhat Manufacturing

Prabhat utilizes the latest technologies to enhance efficiency and produce consistent quality products. Our tooling department creates and maintains high precision molds for each product throughout testing and manufacturing of the products. Injection, compression, extrusion, and transfer molding capabilities allow for a variety of manufacturing selections. Along with our top notch molding, Prabhat also specializes in bonding elastomers to a variety of other materials. The production team is capable of meeting stringent dimensional tolerances that many manufacturers are not able to. Prabhat’s investment in manufacturing technology reduces lead time and facilitates meeting narrow timeframe customer inventory requirements.

The Best Process for the Best Product

Selecting the correct process to create your product is part of the Prabhat experience.  Each choice is suited to maximize your design requirements; from strict dimensional control to multiple elastomer compounds in one product, Prabhat has you covered.    Each solution is developed to provide  the customer with the most cost effective and high performance products.

Process Capabilities

  • Turnkey tooling creation on site guarantees that each product is exactly to specification and that the molds will be maintained to the highest quality over long periods of production.
  • Elastomer bonding to secondary materials include but are not limited to: metal, plastic, composite material, fabrics, and fibers.
  • Advanced vacuum technologies guarantee defect free, high quality products.
  • PLC Programmed Compression Molding – methodology permits Prabhat to create error-free products that have passed rigorous quality control tests at a variety of stages in the manufacturing process.
  • Injection Molding for extremely precise volumetric control

These key capabilities along with those not listed ensure that Prabhat products will arrive on time and to the exact customer specifications.