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Quality Rubber Products

Since the early 90′s Prabhat has been producing quality rubber products for the modern world.  Our expertise in rubber technologies and bonding allows for application in a vast variety of industries.

The core competence of our company is in rubber technologies for many reasons, including but not limited to: compound formulation, efficient manufacturing, rubber to metal bonded devices, compression and injection molding, and new product development. Prabhat’s processing capabilities extend through natural rubber and into all of the synthetic elastomers including SBR, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, BUNA-N, Silicone, Butyl, Halo butyl, VITON®, and Hypalon®.

The United States facility in Duluth Georgia is outfitted with every need for your company: direct sales, distribution from our 40,000 sq-ft warehouse, stock of over 2.5 million pieces, marketing, and engineering.  The engineering department  serves to maintain quality of product, directly address customer questions, and develop new products.  We are ISO 9001:2008 Company.

Product Markets

PVC Pipe Waterworks


Ductile Iron Waterworks


GCP Industry


Vibration and Motion Control