Vibration and Motion Control

VAMCM E1394304389654

Motion Tolerant Elastomers

Prabhat Industries’ vibration and motion control techniques provide dynamic support for a variety of sensitive and/or rugged mechanical operations. Prabhat works with a wide variety of clients for applications such as: shock absorption in bridges, isolation mountings in elevators, guide stabilization in rail control, and much more.

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Vibration Isolation Pad

  • For mounting elevator traction units
  • Eliminates: Vibrations, chattering, pulsation, and machine noise
  • Custom designs available upon request


Guide Shoe

  • To be fitted in Guide Shoe Assembly
  • minimizes minor misalignment in guide rail assembly
  • Custom design available upon request


Bridge Bearing Pad

  • For use in POT Bearing Assembly
  • Neoprene material complies with BS EN 1337
  • Accomodates:
    • horizontal movement and shear deflection
    • thermal expansion and contraction
    • rotational deflection and live loads